Seafood Protein Grill (491 calories)

Marinate 6oz total of two of the following

tuna, halibut, shrimp, or scallops

in 1 Tbsp light soy sauce and

1 tsp sesame oil for 10 minutes.

Grill to desired doneness.

Top fish with 1/2 chopped tomato

minced shallots

2 Tbsp sesame seeds and lemon

Serve with 1 cup of steamed broccoli topped with 1 Tbsp silvered almonds


Beef it Up and mushrooms (489 calories)

Grill or broil 5 oz lean steak, like filet mignon or shoulder

seasoned with a sprinkle of salt and pepper

for about 4 minutes on each side or until desired doneness

Coat a large skillet with 1 tsp olive oil and a few sprays of cooking spray

add 1 small chopped shallot or onion

Then add 2 cups raw sliced mushrooms, any variety

Add a little spray on top, turn, toss when they start to brown

Add 1 Tbsp vegetable or chicken stock

cover and simmer at medium heat for about 5 minutes.

Serve with cucumber, radishes, and pepper strips dipped into

2 Tbsp Russian dressing.


Mediterranean Salmon (501 calories)

Place a 5 oz salmon fillet in a baking dish and top with

1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 tsp olive oil

2 tsp capers

and 3 sliced Greek olives

Baked at 375 degrees until salmon is cooked through.

Serve with a large steamed artichoke  and a chopped tomato saladcomposed of

1 large beef steak  tomato and 1/2 of a sweet white onion topped with

balsamic vinegar


Buffalo Chicken Tenders (486 calories)

Marinate 5 oz of boneless skinless chicken breast tenderloins in hot  sauce

(Tabasco or Franks Red Hot  are both good)

for about 30-60 minutes

Cook chicken in a non stick skillet with

2 tsp olive oil until cooked through.

Serve  with celery sticks, sliced red pepper and

2 Tbsp of blue cheese dressing.

Make a tossed green salad with 1-2 Tbsp light vinaigrette on the side


Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry (492 calories)

Coat a non stick skillet with cooking sprayand saute

5oz lean slice sirloin steak until cooked through

then remove and set aside

Add 1 cup of broccoli florets

1/2 cup sliced red onion and

1 cup chopped red cabbage to the pan.

Cook vegetables over medium heat until soft

stirring often about 15 minutes

Return  the steak to the pan adding

2 tsp  sesame oil

1 Tbsp reduced sodium soy sauce  and

1 Tbsp fresh lime juice.

Serve with a tossed green salad topped with

1 Tbsp reduced calorie salad dressing


Almond Crusted Flounder (496 calories)

Pre heat oven to 375 degrees.

In a food processor or blender finely chopped

1oz raw unsalted almonds until they have the texture of fine sand

Place a 5oz flounder fillet in an oven proof casserole and top with

1 tsplive oil

a pinch of salt and pepper and the ground almonds

Bake for 10 minutes or until almonds cooked through

then broil for 1-2 minutesto allow the top of the fish to become crusty.

Meanwhile in a non stick skillet coated with cooking spray

make a large vegetable stir fry using 1 sliced red pepper

1/2 sliced red onion

and 8 quartered mushrooms.

Season fish with fresh lemon and serve with warm vegetables stir fry


Baby Lamb Chops with Sauteed Spinach Almondine (494 calories)

Season 8oz lean baby chops (this measurements is with the bone in; there should be about 4-5oz of meat off the bone) with sea salt and pepper

Grill or broil the chops on both sides until desired degree of doneness is achieved.

Serve chops with 2 cups of spinach sauteed with 1-1/2 tsp olive oil

1 1/2 Tbsp slivered almonds and

2 Tbsp chicken broth


Italian Chicken Meatballs (496 calories)

Coat a skillet with olive oil cooking spray.

Add 1/2 chopped onion, celery, carrot and cook until soften.

Remove veggies and add meatballs formed from 4oz ground chicken breast and

1/4 cup onion.

Brown on each side, then add veggies and

1/4 cup marinara sauce

Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.

Serve over steamed broccoli or asparagus


Burger Time (501 calories)

Mix 4 1/2oz lean turkey, chicken or beef  with

1/4 cup chopped onion and a dash of salt and pepper.

Add 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce and

1/2 tsp Dijon mustard.

Grill or broil 4 minutes on each side or until cooked to desired degree of doneness

Serve with 1 sliced tomato , onion, pickle

2 Tbsp Ketchup and

1 tsp Dijon mustard

Serve with chopped salad of lettuce, cucumbers

1/4 avocado, tomato, onion and 1 tsp olive oil






Lunch Recipes

Lean Up Sirloin Burger (390 calories)

Make a hamburger with 5oz lean ground sirloin

Grill or broil to desired degree of doneness

Serve with a side salad composed of

2-3 cups baby spinach leaves (or other dark green lettuce)

based with 2 Tbsp silvered almonds

Dress with 1 tsp olive oil and fresh lemon juice


Salmon Asparagus Salad (392 calories)

Mix 5oz canned or poached salmon with

2 tsp olive oil and

2 tsp fresh lemon juice

Season to taste with sea salt and fresh black pepper

Serve salmon salad over steamed asparagus spears with

1 slice light whole grain toast


California Chicken and Avocado Platter (413 calories)

On a large dinner plate arrange a bed of dark greens

4oz sliced grilled chicken breast

1/3 of a sliced avocado

1/2 sliced plum tomato

1 Tbsp toasted pine nuts

and 5 black olives

Season with a pinch of sea salt and fresh lemon juice


Chef Salad (406 calories)

In a large salad bowl

prepare a chef salad with 3 cups chopped romaine lettuce

5 halved cherry tomatoes

1/2 of a sliced cucumber

1/2 of a sliced bell pepper

3oz deli turkey

3oz lean roast beef

6 black olives and

2 Tbsp light dressing


Fresh Roasted Turkey Platter (388 calories)

5oz roasted white meat turkey (make at home or buy it prepared)

served warm with 1 cup steamed brussels sprouts and

1/2 of a corn on the cob (or 1/3 cup canned corn niblets)


Zesty Shrimp Salad (405 calories)

Combine 5oz cooked, cleaned shrimp with 2 Tbsp vinaigrette dressing

1/4 cup minced celery and

1/4 cup minced red onion

Toss and season to taste with salt and pepper

Serve over a bed of mixed dark greens and

1/4 of a sliced avocado

Learn these and make a change

Remember that your goal isn’t just about achieving physical fitness; it is about developing emotional fitness.  Often time the most important thing to work on is our emotional fitness. If you do not develop your emotional fitness it can result to emotional eating. We always fall back on our emotional eating when things get tough, or when you are struggling to see results. This is why it is essential to work on your emotional fitness. You can lose all the weight you want, but unless you have resolved and confronted your emotional issues, you will never truly be satisfied or content with yourself. This is why, for some people no matter how much weight we lose we will never be truly be happy.


It is very important to try a few things that will help you during your weight loss journey.

Here are a few of these things:

make a list of all the things you must do in order to be healthy—not a list of all the things you want out of life.

Then list all the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving those things. Once it’s down on paper, it will keep you more aware and more accountable to yourself. After all, you can’t change unless you truly understand how you want to change.

Always remember that a weight loss journey is not only about losing weight but gaining your confidence back, learning how to control emotional eating and learning how to develop emotional fitness. It’s also about learning good nutrition and all that comes along with fitness. To be successful it is important to learn and grow. Be the best that you can be.

The near end of my insanity asylum journey

I am approaching the end of my Insanity Asylum volume two. It has been a great journey. I have to admit that I love volume two more than volume one. There is just something about shaun T workouts that get me super pumped. I truly believe it is the intensity of the workouts and how they help me lose weight so fast. Fast as in a month two months not a week. I know alot of people will love to lose weight that fast but let’s face it, that is not possible.

Insanity Asylum was great. It was great to go from insanity to insanity asylum volume one and volume two.

The asylum did include weight lifting and an awesome ab workout. Which I plan on doing from here on out. The Ab shredder and Back and 6 pack. These two are so awesome.

Insanity asylum is nohing like insanity. You cannot compare the two. I honestly believe the asylum was more difficult than insanity.

I enjoyed my journey with the asylum it was great. You can’t get a better weightloss program than shaun T’s weight loss workouts. They are great, high energy, fast paste workouts with the intent to help you lose weight quick and the right way. Not by some crash diet.

My next program is chalene extreme. I wanted to try T25 but I want to do some weights. I also want to do body beast but that’s next on my list.

I am very excited to try out chalene extreme and get my weights workout on. I can’t wait until the program arrives here and get up and start. This time I need to correct all the error with my diet that I have been doing with the asylum. Nutrition is really important. Just the small unhealthy stuff will through your weight loss off. It threw my weight loss off. So this time I am all in it, giving it 100% and will work hard every day.

Super good breakfast recipes and ideas

Protein Packed Garden Omelet (301 calories)

In a non stick skillet coated with cooking spray,

make an egg white omlette with 4 egg whites

2 oz minced Canadian Bacon

1/4 cup fresh or sauteed mushrooms

1/4 cup fresh sauteed red onions

1/4 cup steamed chopped broccoli

Serve with 1/2 cup of tomato or vegetable juice


Fiber Up (196 calories)

1 cup high fiber cereal, with 1/2 cup skim milk or almond milk

1/2 cup sliced strawberries


Hearty Morning Oatmeal (297 calories)

Cook 1/4 cup steel cut oats or Irish oats (measured raw) in water, according to the package directions

Once cooked, mis 2 Tbsp slivered almonds and

1/4 cup rice milk into the hot oatmeal


Turkey Avocado Roll Ups (290 calories)

Roll 4 oz deli turkey around 2 1-inch avocado slices

(about 1/3 of a small avocado).

Serve with a sliced green apple

Sunny Eggs (298 calories)

In a non stick skillet coated with cooking spray,

cook 2 whole eggs over medium heat until the whites are cooked through and the yellow is done to your liking about 5-10 minutes

Serve sunny side up eggs with 1/4 of a sliced avocado

a sliced plum tomato and 1 cup of cubed cantaloupe


Do Not Skip Meals

When you skip meals your metabolism slows down and you are not burning calories like you should. your body thinks that you are starving so when you eat again, your body stores away more than usual resulting in more fat

This is also a result of bad dieting. When you try to live off salads, you are getting no calories or little to no calories which keeps you hungry all day long every day, causing frustration.

If you start working out with an intense workout you need to increase your calorie intake so your metabolism does not slow down. The more intense your workout is, it is very important to get enough to eat so your metabolism does not slow down. Eat good and eat clean.

Stay away from lots of refined carbohydrates. Refined foods such as white bread, pasta and rice are easily broken down by the body because the complex carbohydrates have been taken out of them. This means that your body doesn’t have to work very hard in order to digest the nutrition found in these foods, leaving your metabolism at a crawl.

Avoid as much sugar as possible. Sugar creates a spike in blood glucose levels and is very quickly absorbed into your system. Both of these scenarios actually assist in the process to slow your metabolism, whether you realize it or not. Avoiding foods with excess sugar in them is the best idea, but consuming them once in awhile won’t hamper your weight loss journey in the long run.

It is important to avoid fatty foods because these do not help you in any way, shape or form. Foods that contain a lot of fat can easily hamper your metabolism rate. Fat is not as easily digested as some of the other foods that will slow your metabolism.

lose weight the right way not the wrong way

We all want to lose weight. We want to lose it quick, we want it now. So we turn to unhealthy options. We diet, but we diet wrong. We eat salads all day long everyday with some chicken or fish and drink water. We get hungry and cranky, irritated, frustrated and so much more.  The results of bad dieting can lead to an ugly you.

The truth is we can’t lose weight in a day or week. You start to see results in the third week but it is not possible to get rid of weight that quick. I have learned and always tell myself you are what you eat. The things you eat results in the amount of weight you gain or hold onto.

It is important to practice or learn good nutrition.  Good nutrition is what helps you with your weight loss. If you eat unhealthy you hold onto that fat. Exercising will be a waste of time because you are not eating right. Learn to eat those things that will keep you healthy and make you feel energetic. The things that will help you lose weight not gain weight. At first it will be very difficult. It will be difficult because your body has grown use to all the unhealthy things you eat. Because of this it will be hard to break the habit. But if you are constantly working on eating clean and  would stay away (not buy junk) it will become easier with time. What I have noticed is when I buy unhealthy stuff it makes me want to eat it  and I do eat it. But every once in a while I give my daughter something unhealthy. So it is all about learning how to control yourself.

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is through exercise and good nutrition. You practice those two things and there is nothing that can stop you from being where you want to be. Trash out all your junk and sugary foods. Get rid of sodas and juices. Stock up on browns, whole grains, greens, fruits, ground turkey, chicken, fish and all those good healthy stuff.

Don’t do crash diets. Diets drive you crazy. Just eat clean.